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Excalibur Flooring and Surface Artisans 06-Oct-2020 15:00:03 – Check out our newest episode, and meet Jade Williams, a local Artist that has aspirations to take her career far with her newst passion.. Metallic Epoxy! We’ll check in with her before and after a Three day training, and see the unique art work that she creates as it unfolds! Stay tuned for more training events, and catch a cool video at the end of my first project in Vegas, before i even moved to this amazing City! As always, thanks for watching!

Excalibur Flooring and Surface Artisans 01-Oct-2020 15:00:04 – Stop on by our Store location today, located at 3401, Sirius Ave, #16, Las Vegas NV For all of your Decorative Concrete and Coatings needs. We offer a full spectrum of Decorative Coatings products, and are happy to work with both the occasional Installer to the full Time Install Crews in our Industry. We offer a comprehensive Training program that can be tailored to your needs, Ranging from Metallic epoxy install, polished concrete, concrete staining, stamping, overlayment, to epoxy counters and Casting tables. We also carry concrete Grinders, Hepa Vacuums, and tooling. Give us a call today, and let us help you take your business model further! * 608-426-1997 * exalibursurfaces@gmail.com *www.excaliburartisans.com

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