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Excalibur Flooring and Surface Artisans 30-Sep-2020 17:34:46 – Here’s To the creativity we all bring over the years, and to knowing, without a doubt, our ‘Best’ work is yet to come!!😁💥 What do you want to create? Give us a call today, and let’s schedule your training seminar!😎🇺🇲 💥 608-426-1997 💥 excalibursurfaces@gmail.com 💥 We carry a full line of quality ‘Ezchem’ Stains, dyes, cleaners, epoxy, cementious, Other decorative coatings! #excaliburartisans #metallicepoxyfloors #riverflowtable #resinart #deeppourepoxy #badmojomedia #justjillsart #ezchemusa #darrylbatesartisan

Excalibur Flooring and Surface Artisans 29-Sep-2020 20:27:13 – What’s your flavor in decorative creativity? Epoxy Artwork? Custom tables? Concrete counters? We can’t decide which, because we love them ALL! 😎💥🇺🇲 Give ‘Excalibur Artisans’ a call today, and let’s help you ‘Learn that skill set’ Or, if your an installer or Artisan looking for the correct products to help you succeed, call ‘Excalibur Decorative Concrete And Coatings Supply, and we can make sure you’ve got the good stuff! 💥608-426-1997 💥excalibursurfaces@gmail.com

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